Passion Flower

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Family: Passifloraceae (Passionflower family)

The Passion Flower name derived from the supposed resemblance of the finely-cut corona in the centre of the blossoms to the "Crown of Thorns" and of the other parts of the flower to the instruments of the "Passion of Our Lord".

Other names: Apricot vine, Maracuja, Passionflower, Carkifelek, Charkhi Felek, Maypop, Maypop Passionflower, Saa'T Gulu, Ward Assa'Ah, Zahril Aalaam, Clock Plant (Japan)

Passiflora incarnata belogs to the Passifloraceae (Passionflower family). It has a perennial root, and the herbaceous shoots bear three-lobed, finely serrated leaves and flesh-coloured or yellowish, sweet-scented flowers, tinged with purple. The ripe, orange-coloured, ovoid, many-seeded berry is about the size of a small apple; when dried, it is shrivelled and greenish-yellow. The yellow pulp is sweet and edible.