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Organic Java Coffee Whole Bean 12oz Package

Organic Java Coffee Whole Bean 12oz Package

Specialty Java

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Java is famous for its smooth body yet has a remarkable brightness which balances the cup. You will notice the deep feel, with just a hint earthiness in the cup, and a striking bittersweet chocolate finish. At a medium dark roast it is very compelling.

The Dutch first brought Arabica coffee trees to the Indonesian islands in the mid-17th century, known then as the Netherlands Indies. Cultivation proved so successful that Java was exported globally and hence Java became a synonym for all types of coffee.

The third largest coffee exporter, Indonesia is also the world's largest exporter of the less desirable Robusta coffee beans – popular in the blending of commercial supermarket coffees. Currently, Java's production of the preferred Arabica coffee beans accounts for only 10% of total production.

Java's government regulates the export of coffee and forbids Robusta beans to be sold as Java coffee – only premium Arabica beans can bear the Java name. Strictly regulated, the best Java beans are grown on a few government-regulated farms, plantations and estates. These estate grown Java coffees are unmatched for aromatic spiciness and rich, smooth, and full-bodied character.