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Copal Resin

Copal Resin

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Copal Resin

Botanical Name: Shorea javanica

Common Names: Elephant tree

Also known as the "elephant tree," is the source of Copal Oro Gold Pieces. 

In the language of the Nahuatl Indians, the word kopali means "incense." Copal Oro Gold Pieces were indeed used in the religious rites of Mexico's indigenous peoples, including the Mayans, the Mexica, the Aztecs and more. Shamans burned dried Copal Oro Gold Pieces just as if they were dried herbs, and then inhaled the smoke in order to commune with their gods.

Organic Copoal Oro Gold Pieces are not necessarily like herbs that are taken internally. Traditionally, Copal Oro Gold Pieces were used in folk dentistry for filling cavities. It is also used as a medicinal herb by the Guarani Indians of Brazil.

When burned outdoors, whole Copal Oro Gold Pieces give off a resinous smell that is pleasant to humans, but not to insect pests. Sliced Copal Oro Gold pieces can be melted down and used as a non-toxic adhesive for broken pottery as well.

Warning: For external use only.